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March Foundation


The nonprofit foundation was created and is managed by a coalition of active and retired African-American executives who function as trustees and participants, and whose personal financial investments provided the initial source of funding for contributions and grants. The Foundation will continually expand its benefits to the community through the sustained and frequent influx of funds from individuals from other corporate contributions, matches, and from special events and activities.

The MARCH FOUNDATION targets its financial resources to programs which support higher education and human welfare (quality of life).

The foundation funds social programs to improve the quality of life for individuals and families who are challenged economically, culturally, physically, or mentally. Of special concern are the needs of children, the homeless, the illiterate and those living in poverty across the nation.

Participants are advocates of the MARCH FOUNDATION mission, and they are activity involved in outreach projects that foster business/educational partnerships in communities, the development of business skills for the underemployed, and job mentoring with young people. MARCH FOUNDATION participants invest "sweat equity," as well as their personal finances in meeting the needs of their beneficiaries.

MARCH FOUNDATION participants share the spirit of community which brought them together in this aggressive and relatively new venture. Participation in Foundation events and national conferences provide venues for frequent interaction and networking. The MARCH FOUNDATION is a, non-profit Foundation with 501c3 status