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March Foundation


…I am currently maintaining a 3.6 GPA, on the Dean’s List each semester, and a member of the Alpha Lambda Theta Honor Society. In those aspects, I am pleased because I know that it all could have been a dream for me.

I am glad that it is not just a dream, it is reality and I know that it was made true by God and by your funding. Everything that I am granted with, I do appreciate with open arms and heart. I am happy to be a student and a hard worker. There are so many of my family members who were not and are not given the chance to reach their full potential or see another side of life, but through blessings I have.

I want you to know that what you are doing is changing lives and opening doors for people who really want it. I appreciate that you all are going to continue funding for me through school, I am so thankful.

Jerrell Martin
Tennessee Tech University